Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Incoherent ramblings of the Crazed Chauffeur

Brad's contribution:

Well we have now hit the half way point for putting mileage on the mighty Dodge. Yes, I have been passed by a Prius, and other such embarrassing things... It really sucks to have to consider gas mileage. My thoughts will naturally be a total ramble as we go through different stages of our drives....

MD: I will not miss riding on the Beltway.... We managed an adventure on the way out caused by the inevitable accident and the privilege of calling to report another. Crazy people I tell you

PA: How bad in Pittsburgh tourism? They advertise attractions / draws from more that 200 miles away.

Ohio: Not too bad, but could you communists install EZ Pass or a speed pass of some kind. The Chauffeur does not enjoy stopping for actual human contact. Lets join everyone else in the 21st century

Michigan: I know that with all the snow, salt, and plows that your roads take a beating, but it is time to START PAVING!!!!! Construction delays would be welcome to prevent being fearful for my life.

Indiana: Didn’t spend enough time to fully have an opinion

Illinois: A 200yd break in construction so that I can pay a toll does not mean that you can claim the end of the construction zone just to open it back up 50yds after taking my money at high speeds (are you listening OHIO!!). Also if I’m driving through in June 2008, and your signs tell me the construction will be done by the beginning of June 2008, buy more signs!

Wisconsin: Quite pleasant actually... Very flat and easy

Minnesota: We know it is flat, and that agriculture is the economy, but for the safety of all, plant some trees along the highway so 30mph winds don’t push semi’s into poor defenseless Toyota Corollas. Also, START PAVING; The fact that we could take a weed eater on the drive and use it on the seems in the highway should be a sign that maintenance is required.....

South Dakota: When you guys do road work you mean road work.... Just blow it up and start again


Flo said...

I have a new nickname for the truck: Sedan Slayer.

Toyotas on the road beware, Brad and the big bad truck are hungry for some tiny car blood. My Camry is shivering in its carport as we speak!

PS: You should do one of those cool Pay It Forward moments the next time you're forced to stop for a toll. Every time someone pay for us here, we pay for the people behind us and it feels like happy karma floating is floating in the air! <3 Kindness is a contact high haha!

Becca and Jason said...

Oh my holy heck. You had me laughing out loud in my empty house!
Thanks, I needed that!!!

Munchkin92477 said...

Hi Brad and Christina,
Loved Brad's entry on the blog. Had
me laughing and giggling. Can't
wait for the next post. Safe travels.

Love the munchkin

Mom said...

Brad's Big Bad Truck:) Are you, little Red Riding Hood?
Next time, post a warning! Tissue First:) Still Laughing!