Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tea Steakhouse

A friend of mine recommended we purchase “Road Food” for all those small, hometown diners, drive-ins, and dives. We picked it up in Milwaukee, two states too late. The book listed lots of great options for Sandusky, OH, where we rode rollercoasters with Jennifer and Suketu. As we painstakingly made our way through Minnesota, into 35 mph winds, getting 11 mpg, we flipped through the pages to find a haunt in Sioux Falls, SD. We checked into our hotel and decided on Tea Steakhouse, about 10 miles south of our hotel.

We turned off the freeway and headed toward the town of Tea. Per the advertisements we saw at the one and only traffic light, the town hosts Tea Pot Time each June. We saw no preparations for this upcoming event, but I can only assume the waves of Americana-like pride that flow from the home town floats, beauty queens, and local sports teams.

Road Food’s write up of the Tea Steakhouse was dead-on. We split a bottle of Fat Bastard Shiraz (hey, it was a rough day on the road after we left my cousin’s company). We shared onion rings over our small salads. Brad enjoyed a fine NY Strip, and I devoured my bacon wrapped petit filet mignon ($13!!!!!). The atmosphere was family friendly, and the service was excellent. We aim to hit up another joint in Rapid City while in the Badlands. Stay tuned for another review!


Just a Girl in a Port said...

You guys really know how to do this road trip thing. It sounds like you are having a blast!

Mom said...

Dinner and wine in the middle of know where,$13 for steak! Priceless:) Happy Trails!