Sunday, June 15, 2008


Probably the most entertaining things that I’ve compiled over the drive has to be the following:

1. Driving away from a perfectly good Mail Box with Postcards stamped and filled out on the dashboard
2. Leaving a perfectly good rest area w/o asking if she needs to use the facilities or would possibly like to walk around
3. The laptop being out does not mean that you are boring and you need to begin a full scale guided tour of all that you are seeing.
4. You should never pack the laptop case at the bottom of everything
5. Failing to comprehend the following translation in a national park “Oh that’s pretty”= “You will stop in the Next 15ft regardless of traffic so I can get a picture”.... (This explains why the older silver backs of the male gender drive so slow in these locations)
6. Two Cell phone conversations at once is no ok, in any circumstances whatsoever
7. Under no circumstances can you tell her to “Talk Sexy like the Garmin”


Just a Girl in a Port said...

Sexy, like the Garmin! Love it! Ha ha.

Happy birthday to the wife.

Mom said...

Happy Birthday Christina:) Love Mom and Dad! Happy Trails:)

Mom said...

Lessons Learned!
If I don't have to go, neither does anyone else! Must be a guy thing.
Freqent Stops, 15ft! That's not far! Don't get behind, the tour bus or Silverbacks in AK!
Brad, call your wife's cell, leave a message. She will call you back:)
Lesson learned, leave a message! to call you back:)
Laptop, e-mail! Remember, what's personal and what's not. Otherwise, same rules as cell! apply.
Garmin! Has it told you, to turn right yet? There Is A Lake There!
Happy Birthday! Christina:) Mom and Dad Love you!
Happy Trails:)

Tidden Tales said...

LOL I love it, except that most of that is my fault when we are driving. I will wait until JT is asleep and try to fill up the gas tank so he doesn't have to make ANOTHER bathroom stop :) Yeah the two phone conversations never work out :)

Tidden Tales said...

It's ok Brad, I'm right there with ya man. JT

KJ said...

ha! i am still trying to figure out what voice to leave the garmin on.