Sunday, June 15, 2008

Waldorf A’Story

Thanks to Road Food, we found a PHENOMENAL breakfast joint in the small town of Story, WY. As you enter the eclectic general store, turn left, walk four steps, and you are listening to locals chide the waitstaff and cooks from bar stools modeled from tree trunks. Welcomed like family, the staff took our order for the famous Samich (brad) and biscuits and gravy (me). As we waited for our orders, we filled our coffee cups from the do it yourself station and meandered among the rows of general merchandise and odds and ends. From the ceilings hang wind chimes and lamps, all for sale. It was as if the store was part consignment shop. Our food was top notch, and despite its size, I wish I had ordered a Samich to go. My one bite from Brad’s was scrumptious. My gravy had a late kick, and the biscuits were good, too, if not somewhat foreign. Growing up with a mama from Atlanta, GA, I like my biscuits with buttermilk. Out west, they are a wee bit dry. We purchased some postcards and a loaf of whole wheat bread and still stayed on another 15 minutes to talk to the locals and staff about nothing in particular—just chattin’ away. Road Food does not fail us again.

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