Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cost Savers

In Kodiak, we have a wannabe bulk item/warehouse store. It is called Cost Savers. I shop their wine section because it has the best variety and offers a 10% discount when you buy 6 bottles or more. With the amount of dogfood and wine our house consumes, I am a frequent patron in this bulk item store. All the cashiers who are authorized to check out customers buying alcohol know me by name. It got to the point where I just kept one of the wine cases/box to reuse when I restock my bar.

And yet today, I made myself look like a bigger lush.

I pulled into the parking lot, hit one of Kodiak's infamous potholes, and started to hiccup. I walked into the store, selected my six bottles (*in my defense, I am hosting a dinner party tonight and going to one on Friday*), laid them on the counter, and a cashier greets me, "Hello!"

(Hic) "-ello," I squeak. He breaks down laughing. He waves his arm over my wares and says, "You know you are going to start rumors: walkin' outta here with six bottles and hiccupin'"

I blush. What do you say to that? Do you deny being tipsy or just shrug and laugh? I chose the latter in a vain attempt to keep some pride. Alas, give this Rock about half a day, and I'll be the bug-driving, malamute-hauling, alchy coastie wife. Yay. (hic)


Flo said...

LOL! Awesome story C, I'm totally cracking up over here!

Mom said...
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