Saturday, March 7, 2009

Move over Heidi

For those who understood the Tool Time reference: bravo.

For the rest of you: I replaced my kitchen sink faucet. It was too short for the sink, and I had felt myself leaning over to the do dishes. While in Anchorage, I harassed some poor Home Depot employee in my search for a faucet that I liked and could take home on the plane. I settled on a Delta, which has a sleek brushed nickel finish and makes dish duty much easier on my lower back. The following photos document my workspace (complete with beach towel to catch any water), the old faucet, the directions, and the final product. The whole process was much easier than I thought it would be and took me less than an hour after cleanup.


bigmama said...

Way to go girl. Patrick is so proud!!

Katharine R. said...

I'm going to get you a tool belt for your birthday if you don't already have one!

Mom said...

Betty Crocker, I know who to call when I need honey do list;) I Love you:) Oly Christina, understands this one. HT, SS, Ruff:)