Monday, March 23, 2009

Redoubt Erupts

It's official: Murphy lives in my shadow. The dern volcano erupted last night, and I am in Seattle. I am scheduled to return to Anchorage tomorrow afternoon and stay there through the weekend. When I know more about my flights and FAA's safety measures, I'll let you know. Beloved neighbors are taking care of the pooch, and the house is locked down and watched.

P.S. To all those who I said it would erupt when I left town: you all owe me $20.


Flo said...

Oh gosh! Totally sending you safe travel thoughts and prayers. Hopefully your stay in Anchorage will be relaxing while you wait for Redoubt to stop erupting. Keeping my fingers crossed that it'll calm soon!

Lance said...

C-I hope you get back to EI safely. I see from the "beloved friends" blog that TOK is being well taken care of. Perhaps you should pack up TOK and head to DC to grab some sunshine...and see me!!! Cherish the Ladies is on the 31st. I can get you a ticket?!?!? LA

Tidden Tales said...

Travel safe and I am sure that you will be able to return home soon!