Monday, March 9, 2009


And then there was light. Lots of light. I have not had to take out my sunlamp in a few weeks, and it has been glorious. We are up to ten hours of sunlight each day. With that sunlight comes a warm front that teases us into thinking it is spring. I am positive that a storm will hit within the week, sending us all back into reality; but for now, us Rock dwellers will covet the warming trend, deliriously.

I have a busy month ahead of me, and I hope to finish all my indoor projects within that timeframe. Come April, I will be outside. I plan to landscape the backyard. Along the back fence line, where Tok likes to dig in the mud, we need some fillers. Our neighbors' yard all drain down into a small riparian area that leads to our pond. That riparian area is our fence, so I will plant some bushes among my established, raised flower beds, and prevent erosion. Tok will not be happy that I have- yet, again- circumvented his desire to get dirty, but I will enjoy the color added to the back yard.

And while I am out there, I may plant a tree or two. Our local greenhouse has a chokecherry that would be great addition off the back porch. It grows up to 25 feet, and would be planted well-enough away from the porch and foundation. On the back porch, when we finally thaw, I will plant a small batch of gladiolas. Every time I see these flowers, I think of my parents' home in South Carolina. With my tulip bulbs already in the front yard, I would like to have some color and nostalgia on the back porch.

And then there are the plans for an herb garden, but I need to consider how to keep Tok out of that fanciful expenditure. He ate all of my herbs leftover from the Holloways! Stay tuned.

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Flo said...

Your yard will be beautiful! I haven't planted anything myself yet, so maybe when you start it'll motivate me to get my butt out in the sunshine :)