Saturday, March 7, 2009

Old Womens Mountain

The warmer temperature prompted me to take Tok up on Old Womens, a popular trail that can be accessed from Aviation Hill housing (CG housing). In hindsight, I should have worn my snow shoes, but I ascended with only a few falls into the snow drifts. Tok took a couple of spills, too. Having learned to hike with me on a 8 foot leash, I graduated him to a 15 foot lead. This bright red leash gives him some freedom to stop and sniff and still stay ahead of me- a must for his husky nature. He likes to lead. I told you: he is my dog, through and through.

Old Womens gave way to some spectacular views of our town, the ranges that surround us, some eagles, and the ever-present Barometer. Enjoy.

Looking back at Kodiak.
ISC Kodiak. Note the taxiway for our C130s. USCG and the Kodiak Airport share a runway.
Why can't every other day I fly look like this?
Barometer and Pyramid
Devil's ProngsBarometer from the ridge
Kashevaroff MountainThe eagles were soaring over Womens Bay; and eventually, they came closer so I could capture these other shots.


Lance said...

Again with showing us all how beautiful Kodiak is and we can't be there. I am so jealous. For Tok, perhaps a 50 foot leash!??!?

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