Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Deep Freezer

Ah, the joys of home ownership. We now own a deep freezer. In true Alaskan fashion, it holds a turkey, alaskan king crab legs, and king salmon. Gosh willing, it will soon hold caribou. Our neighbor, Jason, is hunting while in St. Paul. Last year, he scored a nice bou, and this year he aims (heh, sorry could not resist the pun) to bring home two: one of which shall be our's.

As I moved the king crab, I got stuck again. Like cacti, the crab can pinch you, cut skins, and draw blood if not handled correctly. But man, are they good when you crack those shells. mmmmmm.


Mom said...
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Mom said...

Boo Hoo! With Love:)

Freezer,Great investment.


Lance said...

Or body parts?!?! Careful with those legs! LA

Marie said...

Must you tease us poor souls who can't find decent king crab in the South? I bought some for New Years and it is not as good as what my dad brings back.

Hope you are doing well and not freezing.