Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Brad and I rang in the New Year in ultra low key style. We joined our friends, Becca & Jason and Trudy & Jeff, down at the water to watch our firework display and then retreated to the Dorvals for party hats and a re-run of the NY Times Square ball drop (gotta love that four hour time difference). This was the same display scheduled for Fourth of July and then Labor Day weekend; both had been rained out.

On a clear, cold night, we bundled up and drank hot chocolate and waited on the dock. We focused on Near Island, where the display had been set up. As we watched our breath almost crystalize in front of us, we pointed out constellations (love having Coasties in my life) and remarked on the blue law enforcement light atop CGC Roanoke Island, who was patrolling our area while all three of our cutters enjoyed the holiday in port.

Big pops and bangs followed lots of sparkly explosions, and the show was a big hit with the locals. And truthfully, it was a good show. Forgive me, I, like some of my other east coast counterparts, have been privy to some pretty awesome fireworks shows (Boston, DC, etc), but it was all in good fun and sparkly.

The top hats and appetizers helped us ring in the new year with a delayed Carson Daly. Thanks to all those on the east coast who left messages at 8 PM AST. It was fun to listen to all the excitement from friends and loved ones.

Welcome 2009.

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Mom said...

Glad the weather and sparks worked together:) Happy New Year!