Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rotary Youth Exchange

Kodiak boasts two Rotary clubs: one that meets in the morning (mine) and the other meets at noon. The noon club invited us to designate a Youth Exchange Officer to support, prepare, and be a point of contact for the Kodiak students who study abroad and the international students who are selected to live here in Kodiak.

Next week, I set off to Wasilla, AK, to attend our Winter Orientation. Traveling with me are two students: Bruna, our Brazilian exchange student who arrived this fall, and Angie, our local Kodiakian who is interviewing for her spot among the ranks leaving Alaska in summer 2009. I met Bruna this fall when she arrived, and this morning I met Angie. Both are remarkable young women who seek to open their horizons and experience life, attributes to which I can really relate...

On the plane, I will help Angie prep for her interviews, and I will learn more about Bruna's winter holiday, American style. While I am not crazy about sharing a hotel room with two or more teenage girls for four nights, I am looking forward to the international exchange among those foreign exchange students attending. Perhaps I'll dust off my French texts and start studying.

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Mom said...

You have a lot to offer them. All will learn something, while having a wonderful expierence.
Mrs. Quick ring a bell?