Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snowy Anchorage

After a couple of weeks below 0 degrees F, Anchorage warmed up. And as a result, we received two inches of snow. The quiet snowfall prompted me to check our weather in Kodiak. Tomorrow evening, I will return to a very wet, soggy island. The snow was beautiful, while it lasted. The dog will likely be depressed as he can no longer bound into the snow banks like the malamute that he is.

He loves snow and hates rain. The rain keeps his daily walks to a minimum. The slate like gravel roads adhere to his fur, and our beautiful black and white dog looks like an old grey Buick as the soggy walks end. And then he goes for a bath, which is defined as torture in Tok-terms. So, I will make do with some in house play while working from home on Thurs and Fri.

Hopefully, my return home will be a bit more peaceful than my commute on Monday. And special shout out to a certain graphic artist extraordinaire in Denver-- the Indiana Jones theme music has been stuck in my head since you commented via email.

1 comment:

Mom said...

Your trips are adventures, have a safe trip home, Indiana:)

Kodiak awaits...

I keep telling you, take the boat!