Sunday, January 25, 2009


I found a dog musher! A fellow Rotarian in Wasilla is a former musher. She offered to help me train Tok. In two weeks, I will meet with her and her husband (and their exchange student) for an afternoon chat about mushing, commands, life, and key tricks of the trade. To find a female, one from the east coast, who knows dogs, and is not judgemental is exactly what I need to train Tok.

As we talked about Tok, I showed her my album of his past 6 months with us: the 3 month old furball, the adolscent who I brought home to Kodiak, and our latest picstures of the 70 pound large-pawed ball fetcher.
The best part: her first mush dog was named, Tok. ::insert big cheesy grin::


Mom said...

He looks so Happy:) He is going to be a great Musher! HT,SS,Ruff:)

Mom said...

Christina, look out for the bumps and fasten your seatbelt! Extra pillow needed as well... Have fun:)

Tidden Tales said...

awww yahh he is going to be a musher, how great is that! Make sure to take pictures of his first mushing :)

bigmama said...

What exactly is a "musher". I want to be able to brag about more than his good looks.