Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jennifer & Suketu are engaged!

It is with unabashed pleasure that I publicly announce my baby sister’s engagement. Suketu proposed on New Year’s Day, and they decided on an August wedding in Vegas. Brad and I are super proud to welcome Suketu as a brother-in-law. We adore how he takes care of Jennifer, strives for excellence, and can teach us both a thing or two around the golf course…

We opted to book our arrangements immediately. We cashed in one of our lucrative Alaska Airlines companion fares and booked a spot at Mandalay Bay. One more call to the concierge, and our dining and entertainment options will be secured. Look out Vegas, the flamingos are comin’ back!

Now, unlike her big sister and brother-in-law, I am not sure if they will have flamingos in their wedding photos; but, we may have to get creative for their token. Perhaps buddhas, garden gnomes, or fake deer?

Taking ideas: post, email, or call. We only have seven months to plan, folks!


Jennifer said...

no tacky lawn ornaments, that's yours!

Tidden Tales said...

I'm sure you will work in your flamingos some how :)

Flo said...

YAY! Happy engagement to them both! You'll definitely have to poke flamingo heads into the occasional picture for comic's sake, it'll be so much fun!

Mom said...

Hearts open, This family will welcome another Wonderful Son-in-Law.

Jennifer and Suketu,look out! Christina, has 7 months to plan.

Vegas will never be the same,It will be a Special Day for All:)

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Congratulations to your sis! Seven months--you could plan an insane shindig in that time, heck you could probably pull it off in one month!

I recommend tacky money. Throw money at them, give them fistfulls of dollars, in lieu of flamingos. ha ha

Chances are she won't hate you for money.

Oh, but on Flo's note, you could have so much fun with "find the hidden flamingo" in the wedding picture, think "Hidden Mickeys at WDW". :) Of course, I think Jennifer might kill you for that.

Lance said...

What a cute couple in the second photo~and they are smooching....the Flamingo's silly. Oh, yeah you and Brad are cute also! LA