Friday, January 23, 2009

Rotary Youth Exchange

I accompanied two students to Wasilla: Bruna, our Brazilian exchange student and Angie, our local Kodiakian bound for another world. I have been here since Wed, and tonight was the highlight of my trip. Angie found out that she is bound for Denmark.
Luckily, attending our event is our current Danish exchange student, Cris, and our Alaskan, Riley, who went to Denmark last year. After our dinner, the four of us sat down and went brain dumped on Angie, who giddily kicked her heels as we described the Danish culture, the public transit, the difference in schooling, and, of course, Legoland.

Bruna, our Brazilian exchange student, is the center of attention. She has loved our soccer playing between our events at the Wasilla Sports Complex. She reminds me of Paula: loud, late, loving, and extremely compassionate.

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Mom said...

It's wonderful to hear these kids are going places. Alot of excitement for everyone. Great pics! I have the frame:)... HT,SS,Ruff