Friday, January 30, 2009

Eagles and Canneries

It's crab season, and the eagles are permanently stationed at the canneries. On my way to the base, I crested the hill into downtown, and I was shocked at the amount of eagles in the sky. I looked along the rooftops and counted nearly 150 eagles perched, looking for a meal. Along Rezanof, eagles sit in trees, on house rooftops, and further up on the hillside. Juveniles intermix with the adults, making for a very noisy harbor. The eagles calls echoed off the metal rooftops. Although it was overcast, the pictures turned out better than I had hoped. Enjoy.

I got mooned.

A juvenile got ousted from his seat.

Eagles fly over the homes along Rezanof, a main road that overlooks the harbor and canneries.

It looks as if they are having a conversation.

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Flo said...

What an amazing sight! Thanks for sharing pictures Chris, that's so cool!