Monday, January 5, 2009

Tok's Seat

Most of you giggle at the mere thought of Brad sitting in the front seat of the bug. Luckily, the curved roof gives him much more headroom that my old Saturn coup.

Well, nowadays, Brad is not a frequent passenger, but Tok is. He has a seat cover to protect my leather seats and keep his fur at bay. He goes with me almost everywhere. There are a couple of places where he can enter with me, but many businesses cite health code violations and kick him out.

So he sits and waits. He looks around and observes everything in the parking lots. And his perked up ears and licks are such a warm welcoming after walking through snowy parking lots.


Flo said...

AAAGH I love it!!! <3 It's awesome that he gets to run around town with you instead of sitting at home, I'm sure he appreciates the ride :) Happy New Year m'love, send my hugs to Brad and Tok!

Tidden Tales said...

kisses are always the best once you get back to the car, but is he as bad as my three? Mine like to lick the window when someone walks by, which leaves lots of tongue streaks for mom to clean :)

Regan said...

How cute!! I wish my puppy was as good in the car as Tok obviously is.