Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mushing 101

So Big Mama can brag about her grandson, I am providing a couple of resources to inform you about mushing/dog sledding.

Usually done with teams of huskies/malamutes/or mutts in between, mushing is a popular winter sport than extends into the summer. Using sleds in the winter and either bikes or ATVs in the summer, Alaskans can train their teams along trails year round. Many boroughs have specific mushing trails within our park system. Like cross country trails, these trails have a special-use designation and if close to a land parcel/personal property, actually add value to that land's worth.

Brad and I have no desire to own a dog sled team, but we want to train Tok to mush. He is half malamute and half Siberian husky, which are two common breeds in Alaskan dog sledding (mushing). This innate behavior is evident in our puppy: he likes to lead our hikes, literally pulls Brad up hills, and has become very agile as he grows into his feet.

Some basic informational sites:

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Lance said...

Tok pulls Brad??? Pleazzzz, there is no way that Brad can keep up with Tok! Ha, Ha MUSH, Tok, MUSH!!!!