Monday, July 28, 2008


The legend of the albatross is known, universally, among all sailing services. In short, seeing one in flight is a sign of good fortune because they represent souls of lost sailors looking out for their brethren (See The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Coleridge). As a bird nut, I follow the great Sir David Attenborough and his renowned book, "Life of Birds", which is accompanied by a series of videos- one for each chapter. Also smitten with this majestic creature, David pays special tribute to its life cycle and mating rituals. For a 2 minute snippet, click here.

My beloved husband witnessed this spectacle, that only few in this world will ever have a chance to see with the naked eye. Here is his write up:

I will now rub in just how cool all 20min that I spent on the bridge yesterday was. I saw an albatross in flight. Very majestic and regal in the way that it flies. I didn't fully appreciate it, but the dentist who is with us informed me just how cool it was. However I also got to see a "dahl porpoise". Which looks like a mini torpedo coming at you through the water. Pretty bad ass little fast attack guys. They are much smaller than a bottle nose dolphin; but have the coloring of an orca. All in all the swimmer beats the flier in my book.

My response:
Of course, you, of all people, would disagree with me and Sir Davis Attenborough on the majesty and spectacular flight that is the albatross. But, alas, I must yield to your dentist and assume he did not capture your attention enough by not detailing how the bird attacks invaders of its nest and how it mates. You should tell him about what criteria you have for me that enables me to "speak bird" to you (e.g., ability to attack, kill, cool talons, and special mojo traits).

Ahh...the treehugger and the sailor. Love is.

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Mom said...

I feel special!
Dawan Princess, May 2005. I saw my first and only Dahl Porpoises. At the rail and looked down. WOW! I swear they were flying! Next view, CG Chopper going somewhere? And then it's return flight:) Coasties:) Smooth Sailing and Happy Trails:) Ruff,to lonely Pup:(