Friday, July 18, 2008

Operation Puppy-Home a Success!

Picking up Tok was an adventure. The owners told me that he likes to ride in the back seat, so I loaded him into the back seat of the rented Ford Explorer. 1.5 miles down the road and his paws were on the center console, and he was whining to be close to me. I stopped, loaded him into the front passanger seat, and continued down the road. He breached the center console and made himself confortable in my lap, all 35 lbs of him. After riding in my lap and shaking with fear for the five hour drive back to Anchorage, Tok and I spent a wonderful evening together in Wasilla. The next morning, we went to the vet, got microchipped (thank goodness for puppy scruf! he did not feel it!), and I drugged the anxiety-hound to load him into his carrier.

The flight to Kodiak was quick and smooth, relatively. I had not "seen" the island before. It had been shroud in cloud during my one week stint. We landed on the Emerald Isle, and I ran into Brad's arms. We waited anxiously as the baggage turnstile began. A wee bit drugged still, the puppy made a slow round of the weeds in the parking lot, dutifully peeing before we loaded him into the front seat, on mama's lap, of course, and started home.

Last night, he sniffed every weed in the backyard, meet his fellow four legged neighbors with ease, and took a long stroll through the neighborhood. He even played with toddlers across the street, esp when Gabriel had a shiny red ball...


Flo said...

Aww so glad he's home! So many Nazi dog owners will tell you that you're supposed to put dogs in their crates during rides because they cause accidents by riding in the front/in your lap, but until that's law I have every intention of letting them sit where they want. Their crates weigh FAR more than they do and both crates don't fit in my Camry. If I load the crates in the truck, they have to ride in the bed and Small dogs don't belong in truck beds.

Pictures, woman! I demand photos of Tok running around in broad daylight at midnight as I've heard happens there. PS: Can I visit? I think that would be the coolest vacation ever. Maybe in about a year, after life has settled down for both of us a bit :)

Becca and Jason said...

Hey, Flo - I'm one of those "Nazi" owners!!! I stop short of a kennel, but Fred is ALWAYS dutifully buckled into his seat. Don't worry - he still enjoys his ride!!!

Tok is such a great addition to the neighborhood, Chris!! And adorable to boot! I definitely think pictures are in order!