Thursday, July 24, 2008

Muddy Puppy

Today, Tok and I had a lunch date with a nearby neighbor, Trudy, and her two greyhound rescues. I picked up some lunch supplies at Safeway, donned my rain jacket and walked Tok to Sharatin. We arrived a very muddy pair. I put Tok in the backyard to play with Jet and went inside to dine with Trudy and the other greyhound, Ryan. Like a good mommy, I ignored Tok's howls at the glass door, desperate to come in with us. Trudy just laughed, "This is why we got adult dogs."

After we finished, she went to get Jet and did not see Tok in the yard. Kita, the monster dog across the street, had recently broken up some of the garden wire that acted as Trudy's fence. Tok had breached it. Luckily, the parents of the culprit were holding onto Tok and dialing my number just as I came out of the house calling, "Tok." I thanked them profusely and saw that he had found several other mud puddles to conquer during his free jaunt.

Needless to say, lesson learned. I was so embarassed and even more heartbroken that he then tracked mud into the house Trudy has worked so desperately to clean and make a home. We left shortly thereafter. I cleaned off his feet at the back door and took our beloved, mud covered furball to the master bath. There, with both jets going, I washed off the grime. No wonder Becca does not take Fred for walks on rainy days! Too much to clean!

After being attacked by the hair dryer, our shiny and soft furball is laying on the pad behind me as I work in the ofc as I continue to draft the Haines Harbor Master Plan. All in a day's work from home, eh?

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Mom said...

Rain, sleet, snow, sea, land, Boat? Nothing is going to keep, Brad and Christina apart! Thank God! for this Blog and Tok:)
Snail Mail, has come a long way!
Family and Friends, will help count down the days.
Smooth Sailing, Happy Trails, Ruff:)