Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fast forwarding

Dedicated Readers: We arrived in Kodiak on 27 June. Fellow Coasties greeted us at the ferry dock, and then marathon began. From getting the boiler tinkered with on our first night to painting the bedrooms and replacing flooring, we have been on a whirlwind in the past week.

The reason the blog "stops" in Yellowstone is due to pictures. It takes a while to go through so many pictures, crop, upload, etc. It is quite time consuming. So, I have decided to update the blog in the present and post "back flash" blogs to cover the remainder of our trip (cue Wayne and Garth backflash montage).

We hope this note finds everyone well, in good health, and feeling patriotic this weekend. On Sunday, I leave for a week in San Antonio, Texas. From there, I will spend the wkend of 12-13 July with our dear friends, the Tiddens, in Corpus Christi.

I come home to Alaska and officially join my new team in Anchorage on 14 & 15 July. On 16 July, I drive to and from Tok, Alaska, to pick up our puppy. We named him, Tok, and together, we fly home to Brad on 17 July.

Thanks for all the notes and comments. We love hearing how our adventures entertain!

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Mom said...

Tok, your new Baby! is so cute ! Mask and all. Let me know how soon to spoil:) Happy Trails:)