Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Loneliness: Stage 1

We have a very intelligent puppy. When riding in the back seat of the truck, he began to whimper. He knew something was up: he could feel the sadness in the air. With tears in our eyes, Brad and I said goodbye for the next 100 days. Recently, he embarked on his first patrol on CGC Munro, and now, I have relearn how to be a boat wife, again.

The puppy is downright miserable. He is moping around the house, barely chased butterflies during our mid day walk, and lays at my feet underneath the desk as I compose this entry.

Surrounded by boxes, I am still managing to work. My team has superimposed deadlines upon me to bring me up to speed on projects that are due in early August. This work could not come at a better time; it is a wonderful distraction from the personal heartache that I am experiencing. Still, the boxes are so tempting to empty and make our house a home. As I try to balance this working at home gig, training a puppy, and adjusting to life on Kodiak, I will keep you all abreast of my daily do-dahs. Not only will this blog serve as an update for you all, but it is also a portal by which Brad can check in on Tok and me. That said, if you see something sappy, please do not poke fun-- absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Photo courtesy of Trudy


Flo said...

Love and empathy, my Christina. I will be here rooting you on the whole way, as you have for me.

BOTH of my dogs stake out positions around the chair legs of my office desk, making me immobile without hopping over them to leave my seat. They never do this while Brian is home so I assume it is a loneliness/protection thing for them.

I'm glad you've got work to help keep you fulfilled and busy and productive - it has definitely helped save my sanity too. I know Tok will be chasing butterflies again soon, he just needs to adjust to his dad being gone so quickly. When Brad gets home he'll be big and impressive-looking and I'm sure he'll feel proud about that :) Keep working hard, I'll keep sending my encouragement, support and kudos!

Becca and Jason said...

Ah, sweetie, the first few days always hurt the worst... for the people AND the animals (Fred takes to sleeping downstairs when J is gone).
You may not have Brad around, and that may make you feel lonely, but you won't be alone on Coho Circle!

C Anderson said...

*Sniff, sniff, snort* Thanks,Flo and Becca.

Mom said...

Rain, sleet,snow,sea,land,Boat? Nothing, is going to keep, Brad and Christina apart! Thank God! for this Blog and Tok:)
Snail Mail, has come a long way!
Family and Friends, will help count down the days.
Smooth Sailing, Happy Trails, Ruff:)

Mom said...

Brad, when you call home, talk to Tok:) as well. It will make you both very happy! Honest:)
Christina, while Brad is afloat! It's ok to snuggle with Tok, he knows, how you feel:(
Otis, says "God, sends us Puppies! to help with loneliness:)"
SS,HT and Ruff:)