Friday, July 25, 2008

The world at my feet

This morning, Tok and I rose early to get a head start on unpacking boxes. We had a lunch guest named, Sarah. She will be the new house sitter and puppy care giver whilst I am away (sporadically) the next three weeks. To make the house presentable-- ahem, despite the nasty, ghetto carpet padding-- I found the picture frame box and began the task of unwrapped each individual photo. Once done, the paper did not fit back into the box, so clad in my favorite slippers, I jumped into the box.

Still nursing my first cup of coffee, I just had to laugh at myself and the image I must have been at that moment in time. A taste:

Later this afternoon, as I worked, the puppy slept beneath me. Gosh helps me whe he becomes full grown-- I'll need a bigger desk.


Mom said...

Oh My God! This is priceless! for Mom and Dad:) So many wonderful memories, Only Christina ,knows whats missing, from this photo:):):):) Just love it!

Mom said...

Tok, is growing! Bigger Desk? Will not be your problem. Him sitting on your feet? At least, you will be warm! Ruff:)

Flo said...

I love Cookie Monster!! AWW and Tok looks so sweet sleeping.