Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I want a spotting scope

As we make our way into the famed Hayden Valley, my radar is on, full blast. This is the area where you can see grazers in herds, wolfpacks, and grizzlies. Several turnouts enable us to view the Yellowstone River cut through this landscape and the bountiful collection of birds. As we crest a hill, we see a small army of cars pulled over. Immediately, my palms get sweaty. Could it be? Oh my gosh, there’s a ranger’s truck, “Brad PULL OVER!” I bound from the truck before it stops fully. Clutching my binocs, I look both ways and cross the road. “What do we see?” I call out. “Grizzly up on the ridge” someone answers. I queue up for the spotting scope and ask the ranger if anything has been sighted. “No one that I know of, just this big guy running along the ridge.” Sure enough, there he was, a light blond grizzly running along the patches of snow. He was beautiful and too far away from our binocs. I was envious of the people who had telescope-like lenses for their scopes. I really need to upgrade. Brad catches up to me, peers through the scope and smiles. His second grizzly of the day.

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Mom said...

Those types of sightings, stay in your mind forever! No scope needed. Happy Trails:)