Monday, July 14, 2008

When it rains it pours

So, here I sit, in Anchorage, fielding calls from Brad. I am unable to do anything but sit here and listen to him vent. I have been gone for 7 days, and it seems the shit keeps hitting the fan in my absence.

The carpet and flooring we ordered is now due in two days later than we scheduled. He was able to reschedule the installers for this unexpected delay, but that has them in our home through the weekend.

We have a friend in town through Saturday afternoon, with whom we will play and take the dog with us while the installers do their gig.

We still have no notice on our household goods (HHG), but we anticipate a delivery on 21 July. With the delivery so soon to their expected uw date, we will surely be dealt with a stressful episode (read: I am certain that the command will want him present at the boat while I struggle with HHG set up).

On top of that, the boat is in shambles just before the patrol. Hopefully, our local trainers, Pet Central, will have boarding options for HHG delivery date...whenever that may be...Sigh.

Back to work on Local Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning Guidance for FEMA (sure sounds like practice for HHG delivery, eh?)

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Flo said...

I wish I could stop by with a six-pack and my huge, rippling muscles of doom to help unload your HHG and hug your puppy. Unfortunately, my job will not let me fly to Kodiak with no notice, and I do not have the muscles aforementioned. I'm sending lots of de-stressing vibes and hoping that Brad will be available for at least a few minutes of the unpacking process. Best of luck with that plan sweetheart, I know you'll kick ass like you always do.