Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tok's first wkend

We hosted our friend, Lance, from DC. As a fellow Coastie, he was on the island on official business but still managed to dine with us on Friday.

Saturday morning, we tried to go see the bison, but the road construction left us short on time. We opted for a picnic overlooking some combat salmon fishing. The nearby eagles seemed to have more luck that the Cabella's clad fishermen. It was wonderful to see our friend, Lance. He fit well in the backseat with Tok, whose personality is developing wonderfully.

Later that evening, he found his favorite squeaky toy and played with it in the hallway. Yes, the multicolored backdrop is the lovely carpet padding...
Bonding with Daddy.


Mom said...

Tok has grown, alot! Does not look like the ball of fur any more. His mask is to cute:) Picture,of Him and Brad on porch, Eyes are locked on each other! Who moved first? Happy Trails:)

Flo said...


That is all.

Marie said...

Tok is so adorable.

On another note we also know Lance. He didn't traumatize Tok by showing his spandex did he? or did he leave it in DC?


Tidden Tales said...

Awwww you guys are so cute with him, I mean Tok not lance :)