Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I want a camera that costs more than my car

A few miles after we leave the grizzly sighting, we come upon another traffic jam. At this point in the valley, we have small patches of snow, making the area look like a golf course with the snow acting as the sand traps. Quite surreal. This time, there is no ranger, but the sheer number of people buzzing along side the road make us stop. Again, I jump out of the car, a la Charlie’s Angels and sprint across the road. “Wolves, just south of the kidney-shaped snow patch.” I peer through my binocs. “Those brown bumps?” “Yeah, they were playing a while back; that is how they were spotted; now they are resting.” A friendly face allows me to peer through scope so I can see the tufts of fur blowing in the wind. “Wow, thanks.” While Brad peers through his scope and then double checks the spot with his binocs, a teenager holding a camera and lens worth a couple of grand shows me pictures of wolves frolicking. They had been jumping in the air and play fighting with the snow as a back drop. Amazing pictures. Wish I had seen it. Was envious of his camera. So, within the span of ten minutes, Brad and I had seen two icons of Yellowstone: grizzly and wolves.

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Mom said...

Up close and personal, rats! Happy Trails:)