Monday, July 28, 2008

Tok and the Puppy Sitter

Thanks to Pet Central, I found the perfect house sitter/pet sitter. A biology major home from UAA to complete her core classes at Kodiak College, Sarah is the perfect sitter for our puppy. She loved the house, and when I interviewed her on Friday, Tok actually cried when she left.

I felt awful luring him back into his kennel and leaving him this morning. I called her mid morning to let her know I had left instructions on the fridge. I could hear her smile, "Actually, I am already here and playing him him before I head into work."

To check in on the little furball, I called Sarah tonight, the first in what will be nightly reports. She informed that Tok was on a playdate with a chocolate lab and having a ball. She took him to a friend's house nearby, and he is running off extra steam from being in the crate all day. She laughed, "Tok likes to, um, dominate." I chuckled, "Is he trying to hump the lab's head yet?" "Not yet..."

$15 a day. That is all she is costing us. I love it, but I still feel a wee bit guilty.


Flo said...

It's funny how we dog lovers can discuss things like humping without thinking it odd. It's just part of every day life, like housebreaking and the ensuing horror of realizing that SOME dogs (coughBRUNOcough) eat their own poop when left to their own devices. :P

Mom said...

Christina, I know you took care of your Puppy Sitter:)
I know Tok was happy to see you.
It's weird, you can be gone 2 min. or 5 days.
Tail wagging, licks! Priceless:) Happy Trails