Sunday, July 13, 2008

Corpus Christi

After working at a conference for a week in San Antonio, I headed south for some fun in the sun with Mia, Jonathan, and their three dogs. We kicked off our Saturday with a Body Pump class at their local gym. I used to take this class in DC and was stoked about burning off some of the week's stress. After a fair warning, Mia, Jonathan and their friend, Josh, joined us. I had met Josh, his girlfriend, Crystal, and a slew of other friends the night prior when we crashed a bday party.

Following a hearty brunch, we loaded the coolers, one of the dogs, and headed to the beach. Jonathan was my night in shining armor when he erected the umbrella to shield me for the day. Taking a cue from Josh, I built a sand recliner to lounge comfortably. Sebastian, the dog, seemed to think it a game to walk OVER me, covering me in more sand. It stood out against my whitey white skin, but after he ran along the beach and played fetch in the ocean, he calmed down and sat down with us as we ate hot dogs cooked by friends, Dan and Sarah.

As cleaned up, Josh, the joker of the group, got into Hero mode. With his cape flapping in the wind, he had us all in stitches. His humor was a delight to enjoy for six hours. Great work out, fun in the sun, and relaxing and joking with friends was exactly what I needed.

Dan and Sarah joined us at the Hooks Baseball game, where the team paid tribute to the 1958 Giants. We sat in the grass and watched old cars and listened to both old music and heartfelt message played on the jumbo trom.

After the game, we kept trudging along. We saw the movie, Wanted. MMMMMMM...Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy.

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Tidden Tales said...

first of all I am exhausted from our events together! Secondly after reading your recap, I am even more exhausted, how did we fit all that into 36 hours? We loved having you over and I miss you already!