Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Operation Puppy Preparation Commences

Today, I called Bill and Nancy at Burnt Paw Cabins. I got Nancy on the line and confirmed that I would arrive around noon on Wed to pick up the little bugger. She stated that she has taken him under her wing since we left: teaching him about the crate, riding in the car, and noting his personality development. She indicated that she would document all this, but she would not be there when I picked up Tok. I asked why. She stated, with quavering voice, "I do not want to see him leave." My heart dropped to my stomach. This woman has taken care of our baby for the past month, and now she has to see him move on.

I assured her that he was coming to a home that would love him endlessly. On Brad's behalf, I thanked her for sheltering and loving him so tenderly while we prepared to welcome him. I could hear the tears swell in her eyes.

So, tonight, as I walked around Petco, I had her on my mind. I purchased his travel kennel, a variety of collars, a leash, some treats, a toy, a rawhide, and a tag. The choices were endless, but I settled on a red theme to compliment his coat.

I am so stoked about picking him up. The 10 hour drive will be a bear, but I am looking fwd to bonding with him as we pass glaciers, headed toward Wasilla.

Pictures forthcoming!


Tidden Tales said...

I am so excited for you to begin your puppy adventure!

Becca and Jason said...

Can't wait to meet Tok!!

Word of advice... skip the rawhide... I'll share when you get home!