Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fishing in the Buskin River

Two friends, Roger and Margo, invited me to join them for fishing. Both Margo and I are without gear and fishing licenses; so, we opted to watch The Master. Or, at least, that is what he called himself…

It was a picturesque evening, save the drills by the plastic fantastic (see top right corner).

Here’s Roger with his biggest catch of the night: shells and seaweed.
I had to rescue his line a couple of times. Clad in my waterproof boots, I braved the Buskin River to until I stepped too far and filled my boots with very cold, very fresh water. The town of Kodiak acts as the backdrop to the mouth of the Buskin River.


Mom said...

Ok, sitting on the side lines, and you get water in your boots? Just helping.
Note from cousin Sharron, don't help! Per the Game Warden:)
Note from Mom, Christina does not sit on side lines. She embraces everything! HT,SS, Ruff:)

clftr said...

So what is your email address, the one I have for you does not seem to work anymore? Tommy Register