Friday, August 22, 2008

My first Chamber of Commerce Happy Hour

This evening I attended the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce's Monthly Business After Hour (BAH). It's a happy hour, but they assigned that fancy name to it. Our host was AK Airlines, so the spread was top notch, and the door prizes included two free round trip tickets (no, I did not win. Luck was not my Lady Tonight).

I met Madam Mayor; ISC CO, Capt. Carmel and his wife, Amy; Mr. Anderson from the bank; Nick from the USPO; Mark from AK Airlines Marketing; Jack from the Best Western; and Chris from the Rookery. Throw in a few Board Members here and there, and I met about 1/3 of the crowd who attended.

In all, I had a good time, albeit short and hard to chat with people due to the layout of the ballroom. Nonetheless, I smiled lots, handed out a few cards, and learned about a potential teaming partner.

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Regan said...

So, already rubbing elbows and working on building up a constituents group for your run for office in Kodiak?