Monday, August 4, 2008

Flying out of Kodiak (aka the island shroud in clouds)

Once again, I sit in the Kodiak airport awaiting a departing flight. When booking my flight to Portland, the 0800 jet was full, so I opted for the 0845 prop, operated by Era, a subsidiary of Alaska Airlines. As I pulled into overnight parking, the jet took off, headed to Anchorage. Because of the clouds and rain, the prop plane never left Anchorage, bound for our Emerald Isle.

So, after two delays, Era cancelled the flight. I rebooked for the 1600 jet and am standby for the 1130 prop. It is 1125, and that flight still has not left Anchorage. If I do not make my 1345 flight to Portland, I am stuck in Anchorage until 0050, when the next redeye leaves for Oregon. I would arrive at 0500, and my meetings start at 0800. I wonder if Marriott would let me “check in” at 0600 to shower and still charge me for the night prior?

Alas, I need to start flying to Anchorage for an overnight if I have a connecting flight to the lower 48; but, with cruise season, to stay in Anchorage costs close to $200 a night. Now, for this business trip, I could get away with that high cost, but I just figured that come August, the weather might clear up a bit. And indeed, it has brightened here on the island. The beautiful weather we had in the past week prompted wildflowers to bloom, berries to ripen, and people to smile more. And then we get a day like today…

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