Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rubbing elbows with yet another RADM

While in Seattle, I headed to Alki beach with some friends. As we scanned the streets for parking, we made our way around the point, where I saw the USCG sign for Alki Lighthouse. We went in and started a tour, receiving some opening remarks from the Auxiliarist who volunteered that afternoon. He stated that we were in for a treat. The RADM who lives in the beautiful house on the lighthouse property was giving the tours that day, and his wife was working the gift shop. I was floored. I double checked my wallet as we proceeded down the designated, public walk. Yes, I did have my business cards.

In our introduction, the Auxiliarist learned that I was a spouse, so when he brought our group to the RADM, he pointed me out, "Hey, this woman's husband is Ops on Munro." I extended my hand, "Christina Anderson. Nice to meet you." "John Currier." We started the tour, learned about the light, the houses' history, and chatted about ropes/knots. Letting others up the narrow steps before me, I stayed behind to ask the RADM if he would be attending the MACC Industry Day, for which I am in town. "No, I have a change of command to attend in Oregon, but some of my people will be there." With that, I handed him my business card and asked him to call me when he came halibut fishing in Kodiak. With a smile, he accepted my card, told me that if Barkley (Brad's CO) did not have room, he would be sure to do so. "Be sure to tell your husband thank you for me." "It will be my pleasure, sir. I am very proud of him."

Next stop: gift shop where I purchased two postcards (shoutout to Jennifer and Kate) and introduced myself to Mrs. RADM Currier. She was delighted to have a fellow spouse visit and lovingly bragged about her son and daughter back on the east coast.

Sigh, all in a day's vacation, eh?


Mom said...

Do you ever meet a stranger?

Your trips are so exciting, working? WOW! HT,SS,Ruff:)

Just a Girl in a Port said...

You are going to be a household name one day soon my friend.