Friday, August 22, 2008

SeaTac TSA

Dear SeaTac TSA: During a recent visit to your airport, I was pleasantly surprised by the three divisions of screening lines: leisure travelers, families with children, and expert traveler. Seeing the expert, my one carry-on case, with enclosed laptop, and I sped through the line, had my id validated with my ticket, and came to a screeching halt. Apparently, for said expert lane, you do not staff it with expert screeners. TSA agents were oblivious to the need for more trays for our expert laptops, our expert shoes, our expert belts: all of which we held in our hands b/c we had already defrocked as we proceeded up to the ID verification point. There we stood, shoeless, looking down upon lane of laptop cases on the belt, ready to be scanned. The two inept agents chatted away idly, commenting on the weather and oblivious to the desperate look on our faces. Someone spied a cart of trays on an adjacent lane, within arms reach. In one swift movement, the traveler snagged the cart and start distributing the trays. It was like a Christmas scene among us experts, until the Scrooge sitting atop his screening pedestal informed us that our actions were not condoned by the high and mighty TSA.

How about some polite, attentive expert screeners for your designated lanes, huh?


Jennifer said...

you tell 'em!

Tidden Tales said...

Amen, I can't stand having everything all together and ready only to be held up by someone just taking their sweet time and everyone elses time!