Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My 20 Minute Refuge (from Brad)

So we moor up in Korea, and my goals for the port call are:

1. Three Real Workouts
2. No Food Poisoning
3. Talk to Christina

Being that I'm now an AK resident there were some things that I didn't realize as I drove cross country.
1. My body adjusted to the Cold that we encountered
2. My body was no longer acclimated the DC and 90% humidity.

These are two very important things to consider when an AK resident goes to Korea in the summer. Upon mooring, the temp was 89degrees with 93% humidity. I quickly remembered going from Cape Cod to DC and how I could sweat through a perfectly good uniform roughly 35 seconds. Now even worse than that is working out on a treadmill in a concrete building with no fans. Talk about a debilitating workout, but I did get all three in... Maybe even number four if I'm lucky.

Food has been awesome so far. We all went to a Korean BBQ. They steak (or at least that is what I'm calling it for my sanity) was marinated in a little bit of soy sauce, ginger, and sesame seeds, sliced thin and brought to the table raw to be cooked on the BBQ housed inside your table. Important thoughts, being too big for the table is a problem when there are hot embers inside of the containment section right by your legs, and you don't get your own plate. The food was awesome and even better with the exchange rate 9$. So far so good... I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Talking to Christina..... Hmm try 1: Dialed on the cell phone they handed me and got thorugh, but had to limit it to 10minutes. Next Step purchase phone card..... 18$ dial a US cell phone ..... 6minutes of call time. A fair trade, but the pay phones just won't connect. I finally think that I can take a break and call the little lady, and I am able to get through using ATT and my credit card. It was honestly the best 23minutes I've had since leaving the pier.


Flo said...

Woo hoo welcome to Brian's motherland Brad! haha No joke, he's Korean. I definitely had a good giggle imagining you dodging flying BBQ food and burning embers at the dinner table haha I hope your trip is going great!

Tidden Tales said...

awww so sweet!

Mom said...

Brad, glad you were able to enjoy some shore time and talk to your sweetie:) HT, SS, Ruff:)