Friday, August 22, 2008

San Francisco

I arrived at SeaTac at 0800 for a 0930 flight. I went to the USO for coffee and some cereal. Due to weather delays in OR, my flight left at 1100, and the crew estimated we would land at 1245. San Fran air traffic control put us into a holding pattern for 30 minutes. We landed at 1315. My meeting in Oakland was to begin at 1330. So, I make my way to the BART and ride it for close to an hour to get to Oakland, where my counterparts sit. They do not sit in San Fran, so I had no idea it would have been better for me to fly into Oakland directly. Sigh.

My meetings went well, despite my blood sugar drop. The flight to San Fran did not have food for purchase other than snack packs, and I rushed to the BART without stopping for a bite. By the time 1630 rolled around, my famished face pleaded with Brian, Flo’s boyfriend, to stop and get me something to eat on the way home.

As luck would have it a 40 minute commute took 20, and Flo hugged me and watched me raid her fridge soon after entering their abode. Flo found out that San Fran was supposed to be packed that night: music fest, convention, and Giants game. Alas, she opted to take us to dinner in Napa. I changed and loaded into the Camry for the hour's drive to the vineyards. We arrived at a lovely culinary arts school that boasts one of the best restaurants in the region. We dined well, and had great conversation, highlighting their upcoming vacation to Hawaii, Brian’s new spreadsheet reviewing skillz at D11, and wine, wine, and more wine snob talk. The Greystone would make a beautiful reception site, and in fact, a bride, her new hubby, and their two witnesses dined next to our table.

Since Flo is jetting to Oahu, she has not downloaded all the pics or the video from the recent evening out, but when she does, I will link to them.

Although short, I am delighted that I have had the pleasure to see her and Brian twice this year. Flo is a fellow Coastie Chick, and on our online network, she and I bonded due to our age, budding careers, and lack of kids. Her support, love, and dedication to responding to someone in need of uplifting remarks, supportive comments, or even electronic hugs, endeared me to her from the start. To read her stories is to be whisked away; she continues to hone her remarkable talent and can bring her readers to tears from sobs in a blink of an eye. Her tone and diction surpasses nearly any level of pleasure reading I have taken up over the years.
As they packed their bags for pineapple express, I made my way back to Seattle for more business development and schmoozing.

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