Monday, August 4, 2008

Stuck on the Rock and wooing Portland

At 1600 today, the Alaska Airlines jet approached the Kodiak airport- twice- and turned around. Since both of the evening flights are oversold and highly likely to not even leave, I opted to head home, cancelling my trip to Portland.

Getting off the island was no big whoop for me. I was in Anchorage next wk. What hurts is that this was supposed to be my time in the limelight. The VP of my region specifically requested my presence in these working meetings among colleagues. Sadly, I have no option but to wait for my boss (who left from Anchorage directly) to conference me in when conversations turn to my forte.

Can I make an impression on the phone as well as I would make it in person? Let's hope.

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Mom said...

You shine in my Book! HT, SS, Ruff:)