Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rotarian in the Making

When in Anchorage, I attended meetings for our newly acquired firm, Tryck Nyman Hayes. I met their CFO, who is former Navy, recruits for the Blue and Gold program, and knows Kodiak really well. He asked how I was getting along on the Rock, and I spoke of the town events I attended, my recent enrollment at the Chamber of Commerce, and my trips around the base, etc.

He asked if I were interested in Rotary, and I replied that, indeed, I am but I knew I had to be invited. He smiled and said he would send an email. Here's what he sent:

My company is in the process of being acquired by the URS Alaska, LLC division of URS Corporation. In a meeting today I met one of their newest Alaska employees, Christina Anderson, who resides in Kodiak. Her husband is a Lieutenant in the Coast Guard and they were transferred to Kodiak a month ago from Washington, D.C. In talking to her this morning

I asked about Rotary and she said that she would love to join but she knows that she must be invited.

This young woman is a ball of fire and I think that she would make a wonderful Rotarian. Can you direct this to someone who might consider inviting her to attend one of your Clubs. I’m sure that you won’t regret it.

The recipient of this email replied that he would call me next week and extend an invite. It's not what you know: it is who you know.


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