Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tok helped me mow the lawn

We have a standard, no motor, push mower. I love it. It is easy to use, lightweight, and gives Tok something to chase while I mow the lawn.

This morning, as he darted up and down the yard, nipping at my heels and wagging his tail as he "beat" his sharp toothed opponent to the other side of the yard, I pined for Flo's camera.

Recently, she featured this adorable clip of her puppy, Bruno, shamelessly wagging his tail as he ate her popsicle. She entitled the piece, Puppy Bliss. I will not wax poetic about how much a clip of our puppy running along side my mower would have been just a cute if not cuter, but instead, just leave you all with a laugh and the thought about how innocent the world seems through the eyes of another.

1 comment:

Flo said...

If you hadn't been operating a heavy motor-less piece of equipment, I would have totally complained about a lack of footage. There will be more lawn mowings, though, so when Brad gets home you'll have to record the hilarity for all of us to giggle over :D