Saturday, August 30, 2008

My first Kodiak Bear

Our neighbors spied the bear down near the Bells Flats area of the island. A few days after their fortunate visit, I came upon a slew of cars parked on the side of the road. I found a safe spot to park the truck and bounded across the road where the drivers stood in the warm sunshine.

There, 120 yards away, at the Sargent River, a Kodiak Bear plucked a salmon from the water, crawled up the bank, squatted on some nearby grasses, and began filleting his lunch.

Without my camera.

Without my binoculars.

I just stood there. Watched him. Beheld the sparkling water behind him. Felt the wind at my back. And I marveled at the size of his claws and how clearly I could see him with the naked eye.

I have to admit: I am glad I was without technology. I just absorbed the moment.

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Mom said...

Understandable statement! Some of my favorite memories of AK, are in my mind and heart! No photo needed:) HT,SS,Ruff:)