Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yes, two cars CAN fit in our garage

While the puppy ate his breakfast, I zipped out for the requisite weekend Walmart Run. There, I returned a broadcast seeder that had the wrong parts, picked up a new one, and then went next door to Safeway. At the island's creme de la creme food store, I picked up 2 lbs of strawberries, butter, crisco, and brown sugar ($40).

Still reeling from the cost of groceries here, I drove home and began the dough for the pie crust. I had harvested the rhubarb in the back yard and decided to make a strawberry-rhubarb pie. The new mixer is no longer a virgin! As the dough chilled, I sliced the strawberries and put the sliced rhubarb in the food processor to pulse ever so slightly. I prepared the filling, rolled out the dough, haphazardly placed it in the pie dish, attempted and failed at a decorative edged, scooped in the filling, and placed a lattice top on the pie.

While it was baking and making the house smell -oh-so-good, I spray painted the rest of the lattice I had brought home from Anchorage. As I nailed up the last of it, the puppy moped on the opposite end of the yard; I had boarded up his hideaway underneath the porch. I was tired of the digging and cleaning off mud. With his new squeaky toy, he disregarded the sunsail I set up instead. Once he realizes that I placed his water dish there, he will learn. The buzzer dinged just as I drove in the last nail. With the backyard projects finished, I attached the garage.

My goal: fit in both cars and all of our leftovers. I made a lot of noise, grunted a few times, talked loudly on my cell phone for all the neighbors to hear the echo in the garage, and paused for 20 minutes to chat with Cynthia (next door neighbor) about the coming school semester. In the end, the tubs of clothes, golf cases, and the smaller academy trunk line the wall adjacent to the boiler, enabling the serviceman to open the door that encloses the boiler itself. On the opposite wall, the previous owners built a workbench. Underneath it resides our smaller tubs of misc, the large academy trunk, and the suitcases. Stacked on top of the bench itself are the bags and tubs of linens, motorcycle helmets, empty boxes for high value items (ahem, my kitchen aid box), and a box of Brad's clothes.

In our old apt, we had a second buffet in the kitchen. Now, it is the car items buffet, housing our cleaners, oils, wipes, etc. On top of the buffet sit my tool box. Brad's sports equipment, our camping equipment, and our Holiday decor are stored next to the boiler, on a raised, built-in platform. All the yard equipment hangs in a small nok near the actual door to the garage.

All in all, after 4 hours, I fit in both cars comfortably. Now, Brad won't have to clear off snow from the truck each morning he leaves for work. Until we get a four wheeler with plow attachment, and then I will be at square one again...

I know all of this was confusing without pictures. I promise, I will keep searching for the camera charger.

The pie was a MARVELOUS SNACK esp since I missed lunch. After delivering the remainder to the Dorvals to feast on (read: no fat boat wife) and thanked them again for the fun time yesterday, I fertilized the yard with the new broadcast seeder, and showered for a party for us Munro wives.

All in a day's work. Damn, that pie was good.

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